ABT 5211 – Food Safety and Standards | Food Safety and Standards Notes

Food Safety and Standards Notes B.sc 2nd Year 

Course – ABT 5211 – Food Safety and Standards


1. Food Safety – Definition, Importance, Scope, and Factors affecting Food Safety.  (Read Topic)

2. Hazards and Risks, Types of hazards – Biological, Chemical, Physical hazards. (Read Topic)

3. Management of hazards – Need. (Read Topic)

4. Control of parameters. (Read Topic)

5. Temperature control. (Read Topic)

6. Food storage. (Read Topic)

7. Product design. (Read Topic)

8. Hygiene and Sanitation in Food Service Establishments- Introduction. (Read Topic)

9. Sources of contamination and their control. (Read Topic)

     Waste Disposal. (Read Topic)

10. Pest and Rodent Control. Personnel Hygiene. (Read Topic)

11. Food Safety Measures. (Read Topic)

      Food Safety Management Tools- Basic concepts. (Read Topic)

12. PRPs, GHPs, GMPs, SSOPs, etc. 


       ISO series. (Read Topic)

13. TQM – concept and need for quality, components of TQM, Kaizen. Risk Analysis. (Read Topic)

14. Accreditation and Auditing, (Read Topic)

      Water Analysis (Read Topic)

      Surface Sanitation, and Personal Hygiene

15. Food laws and Standards – 

      Food Laws (Read Topic)

       Food Standards –  Indian Food Standards (Read Topic)

                                     • International  Food Standards (Read Topic)

       Indian Food Regulatory Regime, FSSAI. (Read Topic)

16. Global Scenario CAC (Codex Alimentarius)(Read Topic)

      Other laws and standards related to food. (Read Topic)

      Recent concerns – New and Emerging Pathogens. (Read Topic)

17. Packaging, Product labeling, and Nutritional labeling. (Read Topic)

18. Genetically modified foods/transgenics. (Read Topic)

       Organic foods. (Read Topic)

19. Newer approaches to food safety. (Read Topic)

20. Recent Outbreaks. (Read Topic)

       Indian Standards for food products (Read Topic)

       International Standards for food products. (Read Topic)

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