AHORT 5111 – Fundamentals of Horticulture


1 Horticulture Its definition and branches, importance and scope; horticultural and botanical classification; climate and soil for horticultural crops

2 Plant propagation – methods and propagating structures;

3 Seed dormancy, Seed germination, principles of orchard establishment

4 Principles and methods of training and pruning, juvenility, and flower bud differentiation;


5 Pollination, pollinizers, and pollinators;

6 Fertilization and parthenocarpy;

7 Medicinal and aromatic plants;

8 Importance of plant bio-regulators in horticulture.

9 Irrigation – methods, Fertilizer application in horticultural crops.



1 Identification of garden tools.

2 identification of horticultural crops.

3 Preparation of seedbed/nursery bed

4 The practice of sexual and asexual methods of propagation including micro-propagation

5 Layout and planting of the orchard.

6 Training and pruning of fruit trees.

7 Preparation of potting mixture.

8 Fertilizer application in different crops.

9 Visits to commercial nurseries/orchard


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