ASOIL 5111 โ€“ Fundamentals of Soil Science


1. Soil as a natural body, Pedological and edaphological concepts of soil

2. Soil genesis: soil-forming rocks and minerals; weathering, processes, and factors of soil formation Soil Profile, components of soil

3. Soil physical properties: soil texture, structure, density, and porosity, soil color, consistency, and plasticity

4. Elementary knowledge of soil taxonomy classification and soils of India; Soil water retention, movement, and availability

5. Soll air, composition, gaseous exchange, problem and plant growth, Soil temperature; source, amount, and flow of heat in the soil

6. Effect on plant growth, Soil reaction โ€“ ph, soil acidity, and alkalinity, buffering, the effect of ph on nutrient availability

7. Soil colloids- inorganic and organic; silicate clays: constitution and properties; sources of charge; ion exchange, cation exchange capacity, base saturation

8. Soil organic matter: composition, properties and its influence on soil properties; humic substances-nature and properties

9. Soil organisms: macro and microorganisms, their beneficial and harmful effects

10. Soil pollution behavior of pesticides and inorganic contaminants, prevention, and mitigation of soil pollution.


1. Study of the soil profile in the field.

2. Study of soil sampling tools, collection of the representative soil sample, its processing, and storage.

3. Study of soil-forming rocks and minerals. determination of soil density, moisture content, and porosity.

4. Determination of soil texture by feel and bouyoucos methods.

5. Studies of capillary rise phenomenon of water in soil column and water movement in the soil.

6. Determination of soil pH and electrical conductivity.

7. Determination of cation exchange capacity of the soil.

8. Study of a soil map. Determination of soil color.

9. Demonstration of heat transfer in soil.

10. Estimation of the organic matter content of the soil.

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