AVET 5211 โ€“ Livestock and Poultry Management

AVET 5211 โ€“ Livestock and Poultry Management


1 Role of livestock in the national economy.

2 Reproduction in farm animals and poultry.

3 Housing principles, space requirements for different species of livestock and poultry.

4 Management of calves, growing heifers, and milch animals.

5 Management of sheep, goat, and swine.

6 Incubation, hatching, and brooding.

7 Management of growers and layers.

8 Important Indian and exotic breeds of cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, swine, and poultry.

9 Improvement of farm animals and poultry.

10 Digestion in livestock and poultry.

11 Classification of feedstuffs.ย (Read Online)

12 Proximate principles of feed. (Read Online)

13 Nutrients and their functions.

14 Feed ingredients for ration for livestock and poultry.

15 Feed supplements and feed additives.

16 Feeding of livestock and poultry.

17 Introduction of livestock and poultry diseases.ย (Read Online)

18 Prevention (including vaccination schedule) and control of important diseases of livestock and poultry.

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