AEC 5211 – Agricultural Finance and Cooperation

AEC 5211 – Agricultural Finance and Cooperation


1.  Agricultural Finance- meaning, scope, and significance, credit needs and its role in Indian agriculture

2.  Agricultural credit: meaning, definition, need, classification

3.  Credit analysis: 3 R’s, and 5 C’s, and 7 P’s of credits

4.  Sources of agricultural finance: institutional and non-institutional sources, commercial banks, nationalization of commercial banks, Micro financing including KCC,

5.  Lead bank scheme, RRBs, Scale of finance, and unit cost. An introduction to higher financing institutions – RBI, NABARD, ADB, IMF, world bank, Insurance, and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India.

6.  Cost of credit.

7.  Balance Sheet and Income Statement.

8.  SWOT analysis.

9.  Agricultural Cooperation – Meaning, objectives, principles of cooperation, the significance of cooperatives in Indian agriculture.

10.  Agricultural Cooperation in India in five-year plans credit, marketing, consumer and multi-purpose cooperatives, farmers’ service cooperative societies, processing cooperatives, warehousing; the role of ICA, NCUI, NCDC, NAFED.

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