AENGG 5211 โ€“ Farm Machinery and Power

AENGG 5211 โ€“ Farm Machinery and Power


1. Status of Farm Power in India, Sources of Farm Power.

2. I.C. engines, working principles of I C engines, comparison of two stroke and four stroke cycle engines, Study of different components of I.C. engine.

3. I.C. engine terminology and solved problems.

4. Familiarization with different systems of I.C. engines: Air cleaning, cooling, lubrication, fuel supply and hydraulic control system of a tractor,

5. Familiarization with Power transmission system: clutch, gear box, differential and final drive of a tractor.

6. Tractor types, Cost analysis of tractor power and attached implement.

7. Familiarization with Primary and Secondary Tillage implement, implement for hill agriculture, implement for intercultural operations.

8. Familiarization with sowing and planting equipment, calibration of a seed drill and solved examples.

9. Familiarization with Plant Protection equipment.

10. Familiarization with harvesting and threshing equipment.


1. Study of different components of I.C. engine.

2. To study about air cleaning and cooling system of engine.

3. To familiarize with different systems of tractor.

4. Familiarization with the operation of tractor driving.

5. Familiarization with the operation of power tiller.

6. To study about different primary tillage implement- M B Plough and disc plough.

7. To study about different secondary tillage implement- Disc harrow, cultivator, etc.

8. Familiarization with different parts of seed cum-fertilizer drills and planter and its calibration.

9. Familiarization with different types of sprayers and dusters.

10. Familiarization with different inter-cultivation equipment.

11. Familiarization with harvesting machinery such as sickle, reaper.

12. Familiarization with pedal and motor operated thresher Study about combine harvester.

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