AGRO 5212 โ€“ Weed Management


AGRO 5212 โ€“ Weed Management


1. Introduction to weeds, characteristics of weeds their harmful and beneficial effects on the ecosystem.

2. Classification, reproduction, and dissemination of weeds.

3. Herbicide classification, the concept of adjuvant, surfactant, herbicide formulation, and their use. Introduction to mode of action of herbicides and selectivity.

4. Allelopathy and its application for weed management.

5. Bio-herbicides and their application in agriculture.

6. Concept of herbicide mixture and utility in agriculture.

7. Herbicide compatibility with agrochemicals and their application.

8. Integration of herbicides with non-chemical methods of weed management.

9. Herbicide Resistance and its management.


1. Techniques of weed preservation.

2. Weed identification and their losses study.

3. Biology of important weeds.

4. Study of herbicide formulations and the mixture of herbicide.

5. Herbicide and agro-chemicals study. Shift of weed flora study in long-term experiments. Study of methods of herbicide application, spraying equipments.

6. Calculations of herbicide doses and weed control efficiency and weed index.ย 

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