AHVG 5211 – Production Technology for Vegetables and Spices

AHVG 5211 – Production Technology for Vegetables and Spices


  1. 1. Importance of vegetables & spices in human nutrition and national economy.
  2. 2. Kitchen Gardening.
  3. 3. Brief about the origin, area, climate, soil, improved varieties, and cultivation practices such as a time of sowing, sowing, transplanting techniques, planting distance, fertilizer requirements, irrigation, weed management, harvesting, and yield, physiological disorders, of important Vegetable and Spices.


• Production Technology of 📃Tomato, 
• Production Technology of 📃Brinjal
• Production Technology of 📃Chili
• Production Technology of 📃Capsicum
• Production Technology of 📃Cucumber
• Production Technology of Melons (📃Muskmelon, 📃Watermelon), 
• Production Technology of 📃Pumpkin 
• Production Technology of Beans (📃Fava Bean📃Cluster Bean📃Lablab Bean📃French Bean
• Production Technology of Peas (📃Garden Pea📃Cowpea)
• Production Technology of 📃Drumstick
• Production Technology of 📃Okra

Cole crops 

• Production Technology of 📃Cabbage
• Production Technology of 📃Cauliflower
• Production Technology of 📃Knol-Khol

Bulb crops 

• Production Technology of 📃Onion
• Production Technology of 📃Garlic

Root crops 

• Production Technology of 📃Carrot 
• Production Technology of 📃Radish
• Production Technology of 📃Beetroot

Tuber crops 

• Production Technology of 📃Potato

Leafy vegetables 

• Production Technology of 📃Amaranth 
• Production Technology of 📃Spinach (Palak). Perennial vegetables


• Production Technology of 📃Ajowan 
• Production Technology of 📃Black Pepper
• Production Technology of 📃Large Cardamom
• Production Technology of 📃Small Cardamom
• Production Technology of 📃Cinnamon
• Production Technology of 📃Clove 
• Production Technology of 📃Coriander
• Production Technology of 📃Cumin
• Production Technology of 📃Fenugreek
• Production Technology of 📃Ginger
• Production Technology of 📃Turmeric
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