AENG 5211 – Comprehension & Communication Skills in English


Text for Comprehension

1. War Minus Shooting – The Sporting Spirit (George Orwell)

(a) Reading comprehension

(b) Vocabulary-Synonyms, Antonyms, and often confused words

c) Exercises to help the students in the enrichment of vocabulary-based TOEFL and GRE and other competitive examinations.

2. A Dilemma -A Layman Looks at Science (Raymond B. Fosdick)

(a) Reading comprehension

6) Vocabulary – Homonyms and Homophones

(c) Exercises on Figurative Language & Idiomatic Language (e.g., dust and ashes, doorstep of doom, boundaries of knowledge, apple of one’s eye, in a fix, etc.).

3. You and Your English – Spoken English and Broken English (G.B. Show)

(a) Reading comprehension

(6) Language study, Functional Grammar, Agreement of Verb with subject


4. Functional Grammar-2

(a) Articles

(b) Prepositions

(c) Verb

(d) Subject-verb Agreement

(e) Direct and Indirect Narration

Text for Communication Skills

5. Writing skills -3

(a) Letter writing – Mechanics of good letter, Effective Business correspondence, Personal correspondence.

(b) Report writing – Reports of events, meetings, experiments, business, etc.

(c) Paragraph writing.

(d) Precis writing

(e) Preparation of Curriculum vitae and Job applications.

(f) Interviews: Kinds, Importance and Process

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