ICAR eCourses for B.Sc (Agriculture)

ICAR eCourses Notes (Agri Study Hub)

the ICAR eCourse is the courses material is prepared as per ICAR approved syllabus for the benefit of undergraduate students already enrolled in Indian Agricultural Universities. The contents are provided free for noncommercial purposes such as teaching, training, research, extension, and self-learning. All the courses are available for the agriculture student for free which you can download from it here.


List of ICAR eCourse for Agriculture


ICAR eCourses Economics Notes

AECO141 – Principles of Agricultural Economics (Download)          

AECO241 – Agricultural Finance and Cooperation (Download)        

AECO242 – Agricultural Marketing, Trade, and Prices (Download)

AECO341 – Fundamentals of Agri-business Management (Download)        

AECO342 – Production Economics & Farm Management (Download) 


ICAR eCourses Agromony Notes 

AGRO101 – Principles of Agronomy and Agricultural Meteorology (Download)

AGRO102 – Introductory Agriculture (Download)

AGRO103 – Water Management including Micro-Irrigation (Download)

AGRO202 – Practical crop production I & II (Download)

AGRO301 – Field Crops I (Kharif) (Download)

AGRO302 – Field Crops II (Rabi) (Download)

AGRO304 – Weed Management (Download)


ICAR eCourses Agricultural Extension Notes

AEXT191 – Dimensions of Agricultural Extension (Download)

AEXT391 – Fundamentals of Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology (Download)

AEXT392 – Extension Methodologies for Transfer of Agricultural Technology (Download)

ARM402 – Entrepreneurship Development (Download)


ICAR eCourses Agricultural Engineering Notes

AENG151 – Fundamentals of soil water conservation and engineering (Download)

AENG252 – Protected cultivation and Post-Harvest Technology (Download)

AENG352 – Renewable Energy (Download)

FMP211 – Farm Power and Machinery (Download)


ICAR eCourses Horticulture Notes

HORT181 – Production technology of fruit crops (Download)

HORT281 – Production technology of Vegetables and flowers (Download)

HORT282 – Production tech. of Spices, Aromatic, Medicinal & Plantation crops (Download)

HORT381 – Post Harvest Management and Value Addition of Fruits & Vegetables (Download)


ICAR eCourses Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry Notes

SSAC121 – Introduction to Soil Science (Download)

SSAC122 – Soil Chemistry, Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management (Download)

SSAC222 – Manures, Fertilizers, and Agrochemicals (Download)


ICAR eCourses Entomology Notes

ENTO231 – Insect Morphology and Systematics (Download)

ENTO232 – Insect Ecology & IPM including beneficial insects (Download)

ENTO331 – Crop Pests and Stored Grain Pests and their Management (Download)   


ICAR eCourses Plant Pathology Notes

PATH171 – Plant Pathogens and Principles of Plant Pathology (Download)

PATH172 – Introductory Nematology (Download)

PATH272 – Disease of Field Crop and their Management (Download)

PATH371 – Disease of Horticultural Crops and their management (Download)


ICAR eCourses Plant Breeding and Genetics Notes

GPBR111 – Principles of Genetics (Download)

GPBR112 – Principles of Seed Technology (Download)

GPBR211 – Principles of Plant Breeding (Download)

GPBR212 – Breeding of Field and Horticultural crops (Download)

GPBR311 – Principles of Plant Biotechnology (Download)  


Agricultural Microbiology Notes

AMBE101 – Agricultural Microbiology (Download)     


Bio Chemistry Notes 

BIC101 – Fundamentals of Biochemistry (Download)


Crop Physiology Notes

PPHY261 – Crop Physiology (Download)


Statistics & Computer Science Notes

STAM101 – Statistics (Download)          

STAM102 – Introduction to Computer Applications (Download)        

STAM103 – Applied Mathematics (Download)


Other Courses

LPM201 – Livestock Production and Management (Download)

FRST201 – Social and Farm Forestry (Download)

ENVS302 – Environmental Science (Download)

ENGL101 – Comprehension and developing communication skills in English (Download)


Source – https://ecourses.icar.gov.in/e-Leaarningdownload3_new.aspx?Degree_Id=01

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